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Audi Joburg Fashion Week – Day 4 Reviews

Audi Joburg Fashion Week – Day 4 Reviews







Suzaan Heyns2

Suzaan Heyns3





As ever, let me keep this brief(ish):

1. If you are going to show in the New Generation category, you need to make an impact. It does not need to be loud or brash, but it does need to be memorable. There was one designer that accomplished this in spades. From her logo to her choice of footwear supplier, this was a narrative with punch. Nooi is her name, and she captured my imaginatgion. Keep an eye out for her in the future. [top 2 pics]

2. Thula Sindi made my heart sing. Beautiful, interesting, intriguing fabrications and twists in the tale of exquisite women’s day wear. This is his niche. I am so proud that he listened and made the necessary changes. I am so proud that he stayed true to his real vision and talent. It was by no means perfect but it is sure heading in that direction. [pics 3,4 and 5]

3. I like a bit of latex. You know that I was a lipstick goth for a big chunk of my young adulthood, and so Suzaan Heyns’ latex dresses appealed to my dark side. Yum. [pics 6 and 7]

4. Stefania Morland showed a consumate collection. A bit of everything and a lot of quality, sophistication, beauty and innovation. Her handwriting is all over every piece. It is distinctly hers. Beautiful. [bottom 3 pis]