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Audi Joburg Fashion Week – Reviews Day 2

Audi Joburg Fashion Week – Reviews Day 2


Wilg Fig1


Abigail Ketas1

Dax Martin1


It was an interesting night of fashion. To quote my seat mate Jenny Andrew – it was definitely more rack than ramp. Even now, a few snatched hours of sleep later, I am not entirely convinced. But definitely interesting. Let me say the following then:

1. Wild Fig – very pretty, very nice, a lovely ruffled coat
2. August – very Cape Town and therefore to my taste. Already a list of items I want in my wardrobe. Is this enough for fashion week? Give me the velvet leggings and let’s call it even. And the denim shirt. Also the velvet studded dress. There. Done.
3. Doreen Southwood – wow. I will do an entirely separate post on her collection. You’ll see why. [no pic above]
4. Abigail Keats – such a big step forward. Lovely jackets. Again, enough?
5. Dax Martin lingerie – sexy, sexy stuff. Glow in the dark magic.
6. Fundudzi – sweet and funny and huge improvement in construction. Props Craig.
7. Heni – great show, intriguing narrative, fantastic detail, fab new men’s wear. Also a separate post and pics.

As you can see it was a night chokka with shows. So why do I have something like a sugar hangover then?