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Here are Pointers that you Need to Know when Visiting the Grand Canyon

Here are Pointers that you Need to Know when Visiting the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its massive size and incomparable beauty attracts millions of people from the all over the world on a yearly basis. If you have not had the opportunity of visiting the Grand Canyon, you need to remember these pointers for a successful trip.

  • Determine the best time to go to Grand Canyon

Timing is crucial if you want to make the most out of your trip. It is also necessary to take a few days off to enjoy your trip to the Grand Canyon. As the Grand Canyon is huge and the multitude of activities that you can try out while there, it may be best to spend at least two days at the site.

Springtime, between the months of March and May, is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon as the weather is warm and pleasant. You will want to avoid the months between June to August as the hottest temperatures are recorded around the month of June, and monsoon season starts in July and ends August.

If you want to avoid crowds, schedule your trip during winter. Although the North Rim is closed between November and February, you can still visit the South Rim and all of its viewpoints, trails, amenities, and other programs. You can visit Havasu Falls (Havasupai Falls) during winter without having to worry about the water freezing over as a result of lower temperature and chilly winds.

  • Book accommodations and secure permits in advance

The last thing that you want is to arrive at Grand Canyon without hotel room or campsite reservation on hand. As the Grand Canyon receives high volumes of people on a daily basis, hotel rooms and even slots for campsites are difficult to secure on the day of arrival.

Experts recommend for you to book your hotel room or reserve a slot on any of its campgrounds a few weeks before your planned trip. It is also necessary that you secure permits before you drive or fly to Grand Canyon as certain parts of the park enforce strict entry only with a permit on hand.