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Stress and change are two of the guaranteed experiences that men can expect to some degree on a daily basis. The key to controlling life’s stresses is managing how we allow stressful situations to affect us. Many times, that is much easier said than done due to the multitude of foreseen and unforeseen situations that we encounter from day to day.

Fortunately, there are many helpful ways for men to reduce stress when it rears its ugly head. The first step is getting a grip on the differences between the unforeseen and the foreseen causes.

– Foreseen causes are things we already expect like the pressure of meeting a job deadline, studying for tomorrow’s real estate exam or making a presentation in front of a crowd. Situations like these are a bit easier to manage because a person already has a heads up on what they are facing when the time comes.

– Unforeseen causes are a whole different monster because most of the time they spring up from what seems like nowhere and then stings us like an angry hornet. This is when we stagger back a few steps and scramble to regain our mental, emotional, spiritual or even physical footing. This would include situations like sudden loss of loved ones or job, automotive problems, etc.

The ways for men to reduce stress can include exercising physically, speaking with a counselor or psychologist, meditating or meeting with a spiritual advisor. Not everything works for everyone. But it does seem that physical activity such as running on a treadmill or doing a heavy duty weightlifting workout helps stimulate the mind and body. Thus, making it possible to think much clearer and rest a bit easier while you figure out how to deal with the situation at hand (and how to last longer in bed).